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some new old photos

hello. i just posted this to my lj and thought i'd stop by here as y'all might fancy a look :)


seeing as it's blates too cold to go outside i've been sat at my computer in the dark working on my website!
still got so much stuff that was on my old site that i haven't uploaded to the new one yet. i say new... we put it online april 2008 but with being away so much i've only really had time to get into it in the last month or so :)

anyway! today being gross out means that i've got on with a whole bunch of new photos!
this is kaiser chiefs shooting the (original) video for i predict a riot in september 2004. it was filmed by the lovely charlie paul at itch film just off the cally road in north london. the general story is the band playing, lots of kids steal pillows, turn up and fight with them whilst watching. turned out great, but i was coughing up feathers for at least a month hah.

oh, and i just downloaded onto my mac as i haven't had it on my computer for about a year, so go add me here and laugh at how my music taste is that of a 14 year old girl. and i'm well nosey so wanna see what you're listening to!

bye! xoxox

kaiser chiefs; i predict a riot video shoot; september 2004;
click here to get the full set on my website or hit the cut for a few here!

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